Jed Wrote...
Jed Wrote...
Back in Action . . .

Back in Action . . .

. . . with a modest explanation.

I’m back to writing on this blog. I hope you find what you see here useful, and I look forward to your feedback. Many blogs come and go, so I’ve tried to not make promises here, but to simply do what I would promise. That’s my goal going forward. So what this blog will be will be the rhythm of posts that you see. Now that is profound.

An explanation, of sorts, for my hiatus from writing here: I’ve been reading “Art & Fear”, by Bayles and Orland (see here), and I’ve learned that many of the same obstacles that I’ve faced in the last year are faced by every author, every artist. No temptation or trial has overtaken me that is not common to man. But God is faithful . . . (1 Cor. 10:12). Perhaps I will elaborate on those exact obstacles in the future. But I’m hesitant to do so here, because they’re so pedestrian, so common to human writers.

What is not so common and pedestrian is those last four words of the verse above. "But God is faithful.” That truth drives me and frees me to write. Writing, for a Christian, must be an act of faith in God doing good, because He is good. Writing, if it’s to be any good, must bank on God always being faithful to Himself, to His own glorious character, in and through that writing.

And I write because, I’m convinced, our “New Normal” will be written either by those who believe that goodness is found by God being faithful to His gloriously good Self, or by man being faithful to himself, to his inglorious delusions. One will lead to us to Christ, and light and life, and the other will lead us to further chaos, and darkness, and death. The saying is true: it’s Christ or chaos. The choices are that stark. Time to pick up again the shovel that God gave me, and get to work.

Jed Wrote...
Jed Wrote...
From the editor: "Thought-provoking, slightly edgy, laced-with-wry-humor articles that, most importantly in our day and age, will point you to Christ!"
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